"Sonya Woods is by far one of the best stylist in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. She has masterfully transformed my wardrobe and makeup. Sonya's a unique way of shopping through email, face-time and texting truly won me over. She has a wide range of skills including, wardrobe styling, makeup artistry, mentoring and public speaking. She has prepared me for local news spots with WFAA/ ABC Channel 8 and photo shoots. "Sonya selected the perfect Valentino shoe for the Human Rights Campaign and so many other charitable events". She keeps me camera ready. Sonya is classy, smart and beautiful. I trust her expertise implicitly. "

Sylvia Hargrave MD, FACS,
Chief of Ophtalmology, Methodist Dallas Medical Center Director, Hargrave Eye Center

"I am writing a letter of personal, spiritual and professional letter of endorsement for Sonya Woods. I have known and mentored Sonya Woods since 1999. During the course of our relationship, I have witnessed tremendous growth professionally, spiritually and personally. Out of this growth was birth her ministry and workshop, "Knowing Your Style". Currently, she works for one of the top designer stores in the country as one of their top fashion consultant and leading sells performer. Sonya "knows" herself and is dedicating her life to assist others in knowing themselves inside and out personally, spiritually and professionally. The word "beautiful" can be overstated. Working with Sonya, you will learn who you are and "who's" you are; simply put, beautiful inside & out. Her incredible gift to touch the lives of other leaves individuals confident and self-assured. This year, she joined me in a national 2013 tour titled, "Dreams Pumps and Pearls". Her workshop, "Knowing Your Style" and presentation style left audiences wanting more! If you are in search of a better you and knowing yourself inside and out, she's the one! Sonya Woods's efforts will guide, lead and gentle support you towards your "authentic self". With Heartfelt Congratulations on Taking this Leapt of Faith!"

Cathy W. Moffitt,
Founder, HIM, Inc., Spiritual Mentor and Teacher

"What can I say about Sonya Woods? A lot!! On a personal level she inspires me every day with her positive outlook and her spirit that comes directly from The Lord. What a beautiful person she is inside and out! Her sense of style is fantastic. She always manages to look the part of a fashion stylist every day! Also, her talent as a makeup artist enhances what she does with fashion apparel. I am pleased to call her my friend and adviser."

Rose Clark,
Executive Vice President, Stanley Korshak

"Miss Sonya is an answer to mine, and my mothers, prayers!! She has taught me many things but one thing that stands out the most has been that outward beauty comes from within. In the fashion business it's easy to get caught up with outward appearance but Son is proof that being at peace with yourself is what makes you beautiful. She knows God created us all different but all beautiful. She inspires us all with her beauty and style, but  it's her heart and faith that keep us wanting more."

Natalie Conway,
Assistant Buyer, Women's Couture, Stanley Korshak

"Sonya Woods is an amazing woman. I admire her love for The Lord, her love for others, and her love for life.

Working with someone whose hungry for The Lord is awe-inspiring. She is just that!  In good seasons, she turns to The Lord and gives thanks for his peace and provision. In tough seasons, she turns to The Lord for strength and gives thanks for circumstances that help mold her to be more Christ-like. For from Him, and through him, and for Him are all things (Romans 11:36)

I can thank Sonya for where I am in my walk today. Working with her has been a great honor. We have become close friends over the years and she is my spiritual mentor. She spurs me on toward love and good deeds (Hebrews 10:24). She sharpens me and strengthens my walk with The Lord (Proverbs 27:17).  I am eternally grateful to have her in my life and to be apart of hers.

Lastly, Sonya is a Proverbs 31 woman. She loves fashion, make-up, she's handy, she gardens, she is financially wise, she is a counselor, she speaks truth in a circumstances, she has a great sense of humor, and she does all this for the glory of The Lord (1 Corinthians 10:31).

God is so good for making such a beautiful creation. She is a God-fearing woman and I love her dearly."

Heather Murphy,
Manager/Personal Shopper, The Shak at Stanley Korshak

"Sonya Woods is the embodiment of style, substance and solutions. She has been a guiding light to me, and I value her input. I am confident in her counsel when purchasing timeless pieces to build my wardrobe. She is the only talent in Dallas/Ft. Worth that I trust implicitly with creating a flawless, fresh face that meets the demands of the corporate me and the person I am socially. And perhaps most inspiring is Sonya's character, her self awareness, and her passion for God's Word. She has an uncanny ability to make the Word relevant for the modern women with a hint of humor. Sonya is truly a gifted gift!"

Sha Farley,
Vice President Human Resources, Sam's Club

"From a distance many years ago I noticed Sonya. Sonya had style, striking beauty and the substance that all women want. She carries herself with a sophistication that permeates her being! When I saw Sonya again, several years later. She encouraged me with her words, " girl I got everything she got & I'm going to make this work for me!!"  Those words encouraged me at a time in my life when I struggled with my own self worth. Everyone that knows me, will confirm my love for "bling". Sonya's trained by eye to step away from EVERYTHING Bling!!! I will admit before I purchase anything I often wonder "what would "black glam" think?" Most times she wins and the item stays on the rack!! "Black Glam", an endearment that rings true...no one can ever take that away from you!!"


Adrienne "Angel eyes" Turner, RN,
Director of Business Development, IPC The Hospitalist Company

"I would like to share how you have changed my life. In all that I write, my words could never truly express the transformation that has taken place thus far. Be it fashion, make-up or ministry, you leave me with a lasting impression of wanting to know more. In watching from afar, I’ve always been captivated by your beauty. You carry an elegance and grace that is rarely seen in this world. What I have come to learn is that the beauty you possess is the beauty of God.  Your weekly blog, “Knowing Your Style”, has helped me to unmask the lies that I have chosen to believe for many years. I am not fashionable at all; however, I have learned to start with the basics to establish my sense of style. I am getting to know who I am and what feels good on my skin. With your guidance, I have tossed shirts, pants and even shoes out of my closet. All clothing is not made for every body type, which is a Sonya truth. Gone are the days when I would just buy a cute shirt and “make it work”. My desire, now, is to look elegant and not like a NFL linebacker. What I most admire is that you know the Lord. What we see is the true Sonya, unmasked while unafraid to stand for what you believe which is God. Thank you for sharing your truth."


Forever Changed,

Crystal Adamson-Cross